[News]  Nothing happens After press "Start" on the launcher?
You can try find the log1.log file in your game folder, open it and check the last of 5 rows information at the bottom, and you can also get why the game closed here,try find that software\folder\files in task list then exit it,after that the game will be normal.

If the logs about ICCProxy.exe:
Hold ""Ctrl+SHift+Esc"" , 
 The Task Manager will show up, 
 chose ""Details"" page, Find the ""ICCProxy.exe"" then right click,
 chose ""End task"",after these steps reopen your babyran client.
If you don't want to do these steps everytime,
you can search Partition c: with keywords "ICCProxy.exe" and delete it (This app was no more useful).
 After that you need reboot you PC and relogin the game should be normal.

If the logs about nvinject.dll:
U need go to control panel - programs - programs and features - uninstall all NVIDIA tools, then reopen the game should be fine.