[News]  Promotion: July 11 PM 6:01 to July 25 PM 6:00 Admin 2024-07-11    
[News]  [Event] Top up 1000 then get 100 epoints free Admin 2024-07-01    
[News]  Promotion: June 27 PM 6:01 to July 11 PM 6:00 Admin 2024-06-27    
[News]  New suit and weapons Model released Admin 2024-04-17    
[News]  Promotion for Double char online time. Admin 2024-02-20    
[News]  Server hardware upgraded, use this patch if you cannt login Admin 2024-02-16    
[News]  Super Class added [You change to Dog] skill Admin 2024-01-11    
[News]  About speedhack after maintenance (December 22, 2023) Admin 2023-12-20    
[News]  About Pet and Instance Map adjustment Admin 2023-11-29    
[News]  Super Class released and game setting adjustments Admin 2023-11-26    
[News]  Fly wing released, reduce error setting for bamboo forest Admin 2023-11-01    
[News]  Warning, new policy for cheater who use bug\bot\indignity Admin 2023-10-18    
[News]  Golden Saint Seiya / Athena Model released Admin 2023-05-08    
[News]  Reset 2nd Pass/Email webpage released Admin 2022-12-12    
[News]  New patch for Damage hold skill / Call pet in all maps Admin 2022-09-28    
[News]  New setting about Beno/Newbie Challenge Admin 2022-08-13    
[News]  Released:Damage hold 1 sec skill + No LAG patch! Admin 2022-07-19    
[News]  New patch released: Game\Skill\Map optimization Admin 2022-06-29    
[News]  New Mob, new weapon, new No Delay Skills Admin 2022-06-15    
[News]  Gunner skill fixed, PY map added Skill Tester Admin 2022-05-21    
[News]  New Solution for Lucky Turntable not show up Admin 2022-04-15    
[News]  Patch for: Contact event was not occured Admin 2022-03-30    
[News]  New update: Auto UpLevel Card、Stack 、Skill Tray Admin 2022-03-30    
[News]  The attack is maximum upgrade to +327 Admin 2022-02-15    
[News]  Xmas update released, Pls download Manual Patch v0128. Admin 2021-12-11    
[News]  Solution for Launcher get Err Num : 2 or 5 or no response Admin 2021-12-10    
[News]  Get free HP Socks\ BBag \Kneepad\HipPad (+5k/10k/20k/30k/50k) Admin 2021-12-09    
[News]  New map: Airport\Zombie\Bamboo and new EXP items Admin 2021-03-18    
[News]  New Map Dragon Island released Admin 2020-09-04    
[News]  New policy for ask information about account Admin 2020-04-01    
[News]  2019 New update released! More than 500+ new items Admin 2019-09-27    
[News]  Super Promotion: Bonus event Admin 2019-02-05    
[News]  Statement of Level Adjustment for Ranking and CP Admin 2019-01-30    
[News]  Club War rollback for four,thank you for support Admin 2018-12-06    
[News]  Version 0078 released, maximum Damage to 299999 Admin 2018-10-12    
[News]  Nothing happens After press "Start" on the launcher? Admin 2018-07-23    
[News]  The HP Recovery Potion was changed % to value Admin 2018-05-11    
[News]  Item Upgrade maximum attack upto +195, HP upto +13000 Admin 2018-03-08    
[News]  Recover old account from En1,2,4,5 Admin 2017-08-18    
[News]  if you can not open babyran.com, plz try babyran2018.com Admin 2017-06-12    
[News]  If your state points abnormal with 347 level,just reborn first Admin 2017-01-23    
[News]  New Precious Fog Wing [Pink] & [Light Blue] released Admin 2016-12-12    
[News]  Warning: En5 site is cheater &V76 released,add blacklist Admin 2016-12-06    
[News]  HP and attack value up to Maximum 229999 Admin 2016-11-25    
[News]  Notice of merge Server 1 and Server 23 Admin 2016-10-21    
[News]  New class 【Drama】with new gui v9.85 released Admin 2016-08-10    
[News]  v9.75 released,Fix a lot of bug and allow multiple client Admin 2016-05-26    
[News]  New Promotions for Epoint purchase & fixed before Admin 2016-05-05    
[News]  Offical Only Customer support is Livechat via website Admin 2016-04-27    
[News]  New version 【Duel bet + Summon】released, Click me Admin 2016-04-15    
[News]  4×EXP GAIN RATE 【BONUS EVENT BEGIN】 Admin 2016-02-11    
[News]  About the BUG Talisman \ Arrow \ Bullet's EP return Admin 2016-01-14    
[News]  New version 【Extreme Wrath】released, Click me Admin 2016-01-14    
[News]  We dont support Buy or Sell Account Admin 2016-01-01    
[News]  About remove the skateboards [Self-Service] Admin 2015-10-17    
[News]  Upgrade or change your EP items here on your own Admin 2015-09-18    
[News]  Promotions for Epoint purchase on Nov 1 - Nov 30 Admin 2015-09-02    
[News]  Promotions for upgrade Hp & recovery rate [extend to Nov 30] Admin 2015-09-02    
[News]  Super Promotion: Double online & Double EXP time Admin 2015-09-02    
[News]  Promotions for upgrade attack \ Attack rate \ Hit rate Admin 2015-09-02    
[News]  [The War of School - Season 1] version 9.28 released Admin 2015-06-20    
[News]  What is Hight power (STRIKE) (Crushing Blow%)? Admin 2015-04-17    
[News]  Magical School Fantasy version 9.26 released Admin 2015-04-17    
[News]  New season : Magician class released, Click to know more Admin 2015-04-02    
[News]  Version 9.16 released, new monster with new Armor Admin 2014-12-04    
[News]  Super Promotion: Double time & Gold exchange to EP! Admin 2014-10-29    
[News]  Version 9.11 released, new map with Red Storm weapon Admin 2014-07-18    
[News]  Version 9.10 released, new weapon,new challenge Admin 2014-03-20    
[News]  Notice: Removal of 2nd password reset online function. Admin 2014-01-16    
[News]  BENO’s counterattack & MBOX hunting activity Admin 2014-01-08    
[News]  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! V906 released ^^ Admin 2013-12-18    
[News]  Maintenance time: The first Friday of every month AM 8:30 Admin 2013-11-22    
[News]  Promotions for Epoint purchase on Nov 18 - Dec 31 Admin 2013-11-16    
[News]  BabyRan 9.05 version released , click me to know more. Admin 2013-11-01    
[News]  Notice of combination of server 2 and server 3 Admin 2013-10-17    
[News]  Re-login and change channel interval is up to 20 seconds Admin 2013-07-16    
[News]  BabyRan Episode 9 : The Touch of a Master Craftsman Admin 2013-07-11    
[News]  The 2nd part of BabyRan 5th years Anniversary Celebration Admin 2013-06-25    
[News]  BabyRan 2013-2014 update plane,will be done one by one Admin 2013-06-11    
[News]  Promotions for Epoint purchase & character online! Admin 2013-05-29    
[News]  Exravagant Promotion! ! [69th round ended] Admin 2013-05-22    
[News]  Exravagant Promotion! ! [68th round ended] Admin 2013-05-08    
[News]  BabyRan 5th years Anniversary Celebration is starting now! Admin 2013-04-15    
[News]  Promotions for Epoint purchase on Mar 26 - Apr 26 Admin 2013-03-25    
[News]  Attack and attack grinding maximum upgrade to +147 Admin 2013-03-20    
[News]  v7.21 released, Big promotion! Point Tickets drop in game! Admin 2013-03-14    
[News]  Exravagant Spring Promotion! ! [3th round ended] Admin 2013-03-13    
[News]  How to use ItemMix and Attendance in the game Admin 2013-03-04    
[News]  Exravagant Spring Promotion! ! [2th round ended] Admin 2013-02-27    
[News]  New season : Assassin class released, Click to know more Admin 2013-01-21    
[News]  BabyRan 7.13 version released , click me to know more. Admin 2012-12-06    
[News]  Notice about the change of Club Nick Name and Club notice Admin 2012-09-20    
[News]  Small update: F4\F5 for skill & rebirth num show in the stats page Admin 2012-08-20    
[News]  《The Return of the King》 version 7.11 released Admin 2012-05-21    
[News]  Who is the lucky man? EP wheel is coming~Get 999 points now! Admin 2011-11-17    
[News]  Warning to all players using illegal tools & rumor Admin 2010-11-03    
[News]  Upgrade or change your armor weapon or ring Admin 2009-07-07    
[News]  Usual tricks used by the scammer [Must Know] Admin 2009-06-20    
[News]  Malaysia/Singapore Agent Contact information Admin 2007-07-15    
[News]  News summary of the latest game setting update or adjustment Admin 2006-09-07    
[News]  Orientation Corner [Game Guide For New Player] Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  System Requirement Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Installation Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Game Start Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  New Character Creation Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Game Interface Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Game Manual Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Hot Keys Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Interactions Function Admin 2005-10-03    
[News]  Philippines Agent Contact information [Livechat] Admin 2004-08-07