[News]  Solution for Launcher get Err Num : 2 or 5 or no response

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5
Solution for Launcher game no response

(1) Open the game folder, find the file name: MiniA.exe ,
if you can not find it in the game folder,
that means our game main program was be deleted by your Antivirus software.

(2) Find "Windows Security" at the lower right corner of your windows screen,
Expand up arrow if you can not find "Windows Security".

(3) Chose "Virus & threat protection" page in the Left.
Chose "Protection history" Button in the Middle.
Expand down arrow Button (Severe),
find information at "Affected items" like c:\...Ran\MiniA.exe, then restore it.

(4) If you dont want to "Windows Security" kill our main program again,
you can setting with these steps:
Chose "Virus & threat protection" page in the Left.
Chose "Manage settings"  Button in the Middle.
Pull to bottom chose "exclude" , add our game folder in the list.

Notes: If you go step 3 and did not see restore Button,
that means your pc have another Antivirus software to take over  "Windows Security" ,
then you can try find that Antivirus software and restore our main program to the white list.

Special Example: SEGURAZO Antivirus, it's a Hidden Antivirus software,
so you can not find it at the lower right corner,
the fix steps: Hold "Ctrl+SHift+Esc" , 
The Task Manager will show up, 
chose "Details" page, Find the "Antivirus Client" and double click it,
the main SAntivirus window will show up,
find the Setting: Segurazo Lite Realtime Protection,
Edit Mode: ALERT ME
Default Action: ASK ME
Run our game, chose always allow this item.