[News]  《The Return of the King》 version 7.11 released

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This is full client 7.11 for new player

Full Date Mirror
Version 7.11 June 21, 2012 Mirror1
Version 7.11 June 21, 2012 Mirror2
Version 7.11 June 21, 2012 Mirror3

If you can not use Mirror1,2,3 installation,
please click me to download manual full client 7.11 (WinRar format)

This patch is only for version 3.50 full client
Patch Date Mirror
Version 7.11 June 21, 2012 Mirror1
Version 7.11 June 21, 2012 Mirror2
Version 7.11 June 21, 2012 Mirror3

Season 7 Volumne 1 Version 7.11


1. The mode of grouping will be upgraded to 15 persons and the team leader will be transferable to avoid the dismissal of group due to the log out or offline of the team leader.

2. Newly-add scientist (also called gunner) and its new items, skills and NPC dialog and other relative stats.

3. The content of private shop is expanded and the transaction limit is upgrade up to 999billion.

4. Additional motorcycle and skateboard system exists together and can use a lot of movements.

5. Increase the experience and dropping time (bonus time) which will be displayed in the right upper corner.

6. The new NPC in market place adds the attendance and the function of item mix

7. The newly-add taxi system make the gaming movement more easily.

8. HP and attack has upto 99999 and can appear the correct damage.

9.The normal class can use two kinds of weapons just like the Extreme class.

10.If you have Instance Maps Entry Card[1H] Box,you can login to the private map,the map of entrance is in the MarketPlace 38/23.

11.Equipped color new rules:+10 Blue, +11 Purple, +12 Green, +13 Red, +14 Pink, +15 Golden, +16 back to Blue, +17 Purple...

12.After your check the Individual stores,the store color will turn to blue.

13. New items in the itemmall.
Instance Maps Entry Card[1H] Box
Restore EXP Card (7D) Box
Pulse coil
Change Face Card