[News]  Warning, new policy for cheater who use bug\bot\indignity

Technical department will invisible online and check who use bots with bug:
double damage \ hp hack \ combo hack \ board bug \ multiple pet or Summon \
close personal store bug \ no die bug \ website bug \
speed hack and others not normal,
or who said game will shutdown \Advertising other server\ talk agent\gm\server with indignity or bad words.
All players can report who use that to our Livechat with youtube high quality
video link ,
the video must fresh in 2 days with clear character name and tell us what he/she did,
the video must be original without any modification
(speed up or slow down or smeared will not allowed)
And we will keep patrol in club war.
We will block cheater account who use bots after we confirmed.
For protect the reporter we can not send the video to accused.
You can login the website to know the banned reason,
We don't accept any explan like my pilot/friend/family/hacker made it,
Even if you use a newly registered account,
all your actions will be associated with your primary account.
The only unban way is donation 5000 epoints once for charge.
And you can not use the banned account's remaining epoints.
If your account got ban more than 2 times or ban date very close,
the unban charge will up to 10000~50000 epoints once or more
If you keep verbal harassment or begging or threaten Livechat,
your part of IP address and game account will get banned forever direct,
we hope you can understand. Thank you for support us!

If you want to report who use no die bug , you need request dual PK to this char first, If he is not under dual PK model, try attack this char, if keep miss damage, this video will be available for report.

2022 new rules: double damage unban fee up to 20000-50000 epoints (or more) per time. We have full logs who has used that on server side. Who spread or sell double damage tool will get account and ip ban forever without any chance to unban. Anyone say bad words to server\GM\Agent or Advertising other server will get ban.