[News]  Gunner skill fixed, PY map added Skill Tester
The contents of this update are as follows:
(1) Added the appearance special heart effect to [Super Almighty Ring] to distinguish [Almighty Ring].

(2) The PY map added human-shaped targets, which is convenient for players to test their skills.
(3) Fixed the bug in the Gunner Class where aurora flares and shock bombs had no damage value.
(4) Some invalid monsters in some maps have been removed (the monsters in some locations have no effect, such as the monster stuck in the bamboo deep in the bamboo forest, which will put a burden on the player's computer. After the update, the level up efficiency has not changed, but it is much smoother. Greatly reduce the possibility of C++ errors or forced shutdowns on the client side, so as to avoid hanging up errors and wasting players' precious time)

This patch is only for version 0135 full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 0136 2022.05.21 Mirror1
Version 0136 2022.05.21 Mirror2

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