[News]  Version 9.10 released, new weapon,new challenge

This patch is only for version 9.0X full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 9.10 June 6, 2014 Mirror1
Version 9.10 June 6, 2014 Mirror2
Version 9.10 June 6, 2014 Mirror3
Version 9.10 June 6, 2014 Mirror4
Version 9.10 June 6, 2014 Mirror5

New item"The sign for newbie(7D)"for the new students,Please help them if you can

Add blood tiger serice weapon drop in game.

New Beno Challenge,you must have "Beno Challenge Ticket (10 Minutes)",
Beno Challenge Ticket (10 Minutes)Box from itemmix:
Challenge Stone*10 + Snow Crystal*1 + [2000000]gold success rate 30%
Challenge time:
Eveay day 13:10-13:30
Eveay day 18:10-18:30
Monster List:Giant Hawk、BENO

Newbie Challenge,you must have "Newbie Challenge Ticket (7D)",
This ticket is just for new student,can not drop and sale from "New Student Accessories Box ".
Challenge time:Eveay day 19:10-19:30

Fix all "no delay skill" target to 5.

Add two "no delay skill" for Assassin class.

Mall update:
New ★Copper Genesis Necklace and ★Copper Genesis Bracelet
New SRC: Ferrari Coupe and Flame Harley
New GT Model set Yellow and Pink

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