[News]  Super Promotion: Double online & Bonus event
8×Exp gain rate + 4×Drop Rate based on original setting in game.
【Bonus event begin】
Promotion Period: If you can see this news ,that means still available

Double the char online time for earning EP
Attention: Double time (point) only available in channel 0's Market Place,
other map and channel 1 can not get double.
And u need open a Personal Sotre.
You may check the points you earned in “Game Time Exchange to Epoints” at our official website. The character online time will be directly 2 times of its original time. When you log out the game, your character online time will be double and showed in your account (for example, your character online time is 10 minutes, then 20 minutes online will be showed in your account).So, every 120minutes online will be double as 240minutes and exchange for 2 points. if page shows the cumulative time is wrong, please refresh the page again.