[News]  Notice of merge Server 1 and Server 23

Notice of merge Server 1 and Server 23, just add “E1-”in front of your username if you are En server 1 players. For example: your origin username is ABC, the new username will be E1-ABC.


Recently many players in server 23 have requested to merge to serve 1, so after long discuss among the group, GM group decided to transfer all the data of server 23 and combined into server 1 after the maintenance on Oct 21, 2016.


The original server 1 players just simply add “E1-”in front of its old username when login into the game. No need to download any new clients.


In order to avoid same character name, all characters’ name in server 1 will be added E1 to differential one another (or maybe any number randomly)


All server 1 players will be granted a change name card freely (already sent to your item banks)

The username, characters, items and other information will be all transferred to server 23 except pet and vehicle data , If you find your pet or vehicle unusual, just get them off and change a place. When you call again, it will be back to normal. The vehicle battery, accessories and pet color, name data may be lost, GM adhere apologize for it.

But If you purchased PET Name Card\ PET Color Card\ Flame Harley\ New Ferrari\ Bike Color Card\ Optimus Motorcycle\ Reventon\ Future Motorcycle in En1 item mall before, it already returne to your item bank again in new set.

The old players of in server 23 do not make any changes. If you find your server 23 accounts unusual, please contact our customer support, enjoy your games!