[News]  2019 New update released! More than 500+ new items

This is full client for new player

Full Date Mirror
Version 0118 2019 10.8 Mirror1
Version 0118 2019 10.8 Mirror2
Version 0118 2019 10.8 Mirror3

This patch is only for version 0079 & 0116 full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 0118 2019 10.8 Mirror1
Version 0118 2019 10.8 Mirror2

New Epoints items in web mall:
Mount card - Tiger\Lamborghini[Fire]\Lamborghini[Police]\Mount card  - RedDragon[VIP Limited Edition ]

Earth Element Head[7D]\Elec Element Head[7D]\Fire Element Head[7D]\Ice Element Head[7D]\Baby Devil  Belt[7D]\Baby Ghost Belt[7D]

Griffin Wing Box [22 In 1][1D]\YEARS Wing Box [22 In 1][1D]

★Goldragon Style H Suit\★Mummy Suit\★Mummy Mask\★White Wedding Suit\★White Wedding Hat \★Mobile soldier I Suit\★Mobile soldier I Hat\★Super ninja Suit\★Super ninja Mask\★Gogeta Suit [M]\★Gogeta Hat [M]\★Goten Suit [M]\★Goten Hat [M]
New Suit http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=9
New Hat http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=21

★VIP Killer Wing\★VIP H-angel Wing\★VIP Mia Wing\★VIP Butterfly Wing[Red]\★VIP Butterfly Wing[Yellow]\★VIP Butterfly Wing[Blue]\★VIP Butterfly Wing[Brown]\★VIP Freedom Black Wing\★VIP Freedom Blue Wing\★VIP Freedom Gold Wing\★VIP Rainbow Butterfly Wing\★VIP Dragon Hand Wing\★VIP Archidium Cloak Wing\★VIP Shinobix Cloak Wing\★VIP Nine Tails Wing

New Weapons:

Sowrdsman(Extreme) Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=1
Archer(Extreme) Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=2
Brawler(Extreme) Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=3
Shaman(Extreme) Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=4
Gunner Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=5
Assassin Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=6
Magician Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=16
Drama Weapon http://en3.babyran.com/mart/?itemtype=25

Drop in game from high level map's mob:

Candy Machine WingA[7D]/Candy Machine WingB[7D]/Jennys Wing[Red][7D]/Jennys Wing[Golden][7D]/Odins Wing[Golden][7D]/Reira Wing[7D]/Odins Wing[Violet][7D]//lant Fairies B Wing[7D]/Cell Model  Wing[7D]/Super ninja Scarf Wing[7D]/Moon Cake Wing Style A[7D]/Moon F Wing Style B[7D]/Victors Wing[7D]/Black and white Wing[7D]//lant Fairies  Wing[7D]/V gangster Wing[7D]//olice  Wing[7D]/Small bat Golden Wing[7D]/Big bat Golden Wing[7D]/9 YEARS Wing[Blue][7D]/9 YEARS Wing[Red][7D]/Choco Wing[7D]/Ghost Wing[7D]/Broken Hearted Wing[7D]/Flames Wing Style A[7D]/Blue Gun Wing[7D]/Red Gun Wing[7D]/Science Wing Black[7D]/Science Wing Yellow[7D]/Science Wing Gary[7D]/Ice Ball Wing[7D]/Casual WingA[7D]/Black panther Wing[7D]/Frostwyrm Wing[7D]/Mech Wing[7D]/Coin Rain Wing[7D]/Carnival Wing[7D]/Bird Style Wing[7D]/Hell Hand[Red] Belt[7D]/Cyclone Belt[7D]/Universe Belt[7D]/Cobweb curse Belt[7D]/OFFWHITE Belt[7D]/Tree spell Belt[7D]/Bee whirlpoolA Belt[7D]/Bee whirlpoolB Belt[7D]/Flower whirlpool Belt[7D]/Black Feather Belt[7D]/Hell Hand[Violet] Belt[7D]/Feather scattered  Belt[7D]/Butterfly Belt[7D]/Diamonds Blaze Belt[7D]/Fly Flower Belt[7D]/Fly Heart Belt[7D]/Fly Star Belt[7D]/Heart-broken Belt[7D]/Candy magic Belt[7D]/Black Cattail Belt[7D]/Brown Cattail Belt[7D]/White Cattail Belt[7D]/Ice Spring Bow [Dex][Ice]/Scorpion Bow [Dex][Ice]/Spray specialStyle ABow [Dex][Ice]/Spray specialStyle BBow [Dex][Ice]/Ice Spring Bow [Pow][Ice]/Scorpion Bow [Pow][Ice]/Spray specialStyle ABow [Pow][Ice]/Spray specialStyle BBow [Pow][Ice]/Ice Spring Bow [Spi][Ice]/Scorpion Bow [Spi][Ice]/Spray specialStyle ABow [Spi][Ice]/Spray specialStyle BBow [Spi][Ice]/Goldragon SuitStyle A/Goldragon SuitStyle B/Goldragon SuitStyle C/Goldragon SuitStyle D/Goldragon SuitStyle E/Goldragon SuitStyle F/Goldragon SuitStyle G/RITP special Suit/Police Suit/Bird Style B Suit/RWCT Style X Suit/RWCT Style D Suit/SCW Suit/Korea Ass Suit/Crazy World Style Style A Suit/Crazy World Style B Suit/R Free Style A Suit/R Free Style B Suit/RWPT Suit/Plant Fairies A Suit/Luxuriant mask A Suit/Luxuriant mask B Suit/Luxuriant mask C Suit/Leisure suit C Suit/Halloween Suit/Pirate Suit/V gangster Suit/MJ Suit/Gorgeous shooter  Suit/Us day Suit/Cool sailor Suit/Mask soldiers A Suit/Mask soldiers B Suit/Mask soldiers C Suit/Mask soldiers D Suit/Mask soldiers E Suit/Mask soldiers F Suit/Mask soldiers G Suit/Mask soldiers H Suit/Mobile soldier A Suit/Mobile soldier B Suit/Mobile soldier C Suit/Mobile soldier D Suit/Mobile soldier E Suit/Mobile soldier F Suit/Mobile soldier G Suit/Mobile soldier H Suit/suicide squad Suit/Kumiho Suit/Sexly Black Cat Suit/Archidium Suit/Shinobix Suit/Bird Style  Suit/Admiral Suit/Sandy beach SuitStyle A/Sandy beach SuitStyle B/Plant Fairies B Suit/Buu Suit[M]/Ray Suit[M]/Ken Suit[M]/Cell Suit[M]/White lace Suit[F]/Ice Spring Electron Double Gun [Dex][Ice]/Scorpion Electron Double Gun [Dex][Ice]/Spray specialElectron Double Gun [Dex][Ice]/Ice Spring Sniper Rifle [Pow][Ice]/Scorpion Sniper Rifle [Pow][Ice]/Spray specialSniper Rifle [Pow][Ice]/Ice Spring Electron gun [Spi][Ice]/Scorpion Electron gun [Spi][Ice]/Spray specialElectron gun [Spi][Ice]/Angel Ear Head[7D]\Solar Ear Head[7D]\Shobit Ear Head[7D]\Black Cat Ear Head[7D]\Brown Cat Ear Head[7D]\White Cat Ear Head[7D]\Crazy Rabbit Head[7D]

Sale gold in Game NPC:
Snorkeling Blue[7D]\Snorkeling Green[7D]\Snorkeling Red[7D]\Snorkeling Yellow[7D]\Bird Style  Mask[7D]\Casual Rabbit Head[7D]\AWT Style G Hat [7D]\Ken Face Model[7D]\Bleach Kenpachi Head[7D]\Bleach Uryu Head[7D]\Bleach Kenpachi Head[7D]\Halloween Joker Bike\★Dragon Model Box [7D]\★SWAR Model Box [7D]\★RWCT -Style A Model Box [7D]\★RWCT -Style B Model Box [7D]\★RWCT -Style C Model Box [7D]\★AWTStyle G Model Box [7D]\★National flag Cloth Box [7D]

Today we also released [newbie channel] for protect the real new players,
You can not login this channel if your total epoints is more than 20,000
or your account registration date is more than 30 days.
Please choose the Normal channel to login if you are not newbie.
We suggest open the Private Shop in the Normal channel.