Sowrdsman(Extreme) Weapon Archer(Extreme) Weapon Brawler(Extreme) Weapon Shaman(Extreme) Weapon
Gunner Weapon Assassin Weapon Magician Weapon Weapon Leasing Armor Single
Armor Suit Ring Pet Item Wing Modeling Vehicle Parts Consumables
Necklace Bracelet Foot Ring Belt Helmets Blood Bag
Hood Extreme Wrath Weapon Drama Weapon EXP Multiple
CharID Check Card(1D)[Untradeable]
Price: 299 Points
All Class Scroll of No Delay [54 Books in Box]
Price: 3298 Points
Auto UpLevel Card[7D][Untradeable]
Price: 299 Points
Baby Ghost Belt[7D]
Price: 298 Points
Baby Devil Belt[7D]
Price: 298 Points
Ice Element Head[7D]
Price: 298 Points
Fire Element Head[7D]
Price: 298 Points
Elec Element Head[7D]
Price: 298 Points
Earth Element Head[7D]
Price: 298 Points
CP Full Fate Box[20PC]
Price: 100 Points
CP Full Fate Box[10PC]
Price: 50 Points
CP Full Fate Box[5PC]
Price: 25 Points
CP Full Fate Box
Price: 5 Points
Hyaline for Weapon [3D] Model
Price: 29 Points
Hyaline for Wing (3D) Model Box
Price: 28 Points
Hyaline for VIP Ring (3D) Model (2 in box)
Price: 48 Points
Beno Challenge Ticket (10 Minutes)Box
Price: 148 Points
Naked Set (1H) Box (Adults)
Price: 500 Points
God of Wars Helmets (1D)
Price: 528 Points
Name Change Card Box [30 Minutes]
Price: 102 Points
DieRoom Entry Card(1D) Box
Price: 33 Points
Instance Maps Entry Card[1H] Box
Price: 18 Points
GodRoom Entry Card [1H] Box
Price: 199 Points
Change Face Card
Price: 141 Points
HairColor Card
Price: 141 Points
Hairstyle Card
Price: 141 Points
New Char Card
Price: 98 Points
POWER UP Give Box(5P)
Price: 258 Points
Megaphone (10P)
Price: 13 Points
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