[News]  New version 【Duel bet + Summon】released, Click me

This patch is only for version 9.63 full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 9.72 Apr 15, 2016 Mirror1
Version 9.72 Apr 15, 2016 Mirror2
Version 9.72 Apr 15, 2016 Mirror3

Duel bet and normal duel use same window,Hold SHIFT and chose a player,
If you want duel bet you must chose “Gold” model first,
Then click “Edit” buttom,putin the gold number,Maximum 999,999,999,999.
Minimum 1 gold,default is 999 gold,After that,Click “Done” to start.
During Duel bet u can not open any function windows.
Winner will get the bet and loser will reduce the gold.
If you have not enough gold, u can not use duel bet.

After Duel bet begin,If  Inventory gold make change,the Duel bet will be pause
the one side player can not hit other side anymore,You must move out the duel range.
Click ESC in game,you can setting Play option to chose allow duel bet or not.


About Summon card:
After u use summon card,summon will follow,
if you be attacked,summon will help u to hit back.
If Summon dead,you can call it out again untile crad dispear.
You can not use summon caed in safezone\club war\duel or when u take bike.
Befor the summon box open,it can trade and drop.
After you open the summon box,the card can not trade and drop.
Summon just can attack one mob in one time.
These Summon card drop in “Crazy Square“:
Summon[Ninja Knife][1D]Box\  Summon[Cruel Jupiter][1D]Box
Summon[WindBoss][1D]Box\  Summon[baderX-01][1D]Box
Summon[baderX-02][1D]Box\  Summon[AssX-03][1D]Box
Summon[White Feather][1D]Box\  Summon[destroyer][1D]Box
Summon[Biochemical Wolf S][1D]Box\  Summon[Biochemical Bear S][1D]Box
Summon[sawtooth][1D]Box\  Summon[evilball][1D]Box
Summon[yaku01][1D]Box\  Summon[yaku02][1D]Box\  Summon[Iron Fist][1D]Box
Summon[kimonofan][1D]Box\  Summon[katana][1D]Box
Summon[Persian beauty][1D]Box\  Summon[Persian enchantress][1D]Box

Item Mall:
Summon Mia and Beno [7D] Box