[News]  New suit and weapons Model released
(1)NPC Valentine and Marey add new 7D model box: adidas Sweatshirt\Money Heist\Punk Bunny\Holy King\Gold Prick\Demon Metal\Dark Saint.
(2)If someone try to use bot for skill delay fast,the attack damage will be lost.
(3)Reopen the display setting menu in game.
(4)Client add bugtrap system, if you got error export file, pls send to our livechat, then we can fix that error.
(5)Fix some assassin skill bugs.
(6)HP and damage limited up to 766666 in game. Weapon attack up to +363 on website. 
(7)Top up freebies add HipPad same as Kneepad.
(8)Beno Challenge map edit to can not PK.
(9)Edit 9F/10F-Epoint Room and Die Room setting same as God Room.
(10)Item mall add new model for weapon:Demon Bone/Peach Blossom/Alien Powers.
(11)Item mall GodRoom/DieRoom/9F-10F EpRoom/Beno Challenge Entry Card price increase.
(12)Setting 9F-10F EpRoom can not return back.

This patch is for full ver 0128- 0164 that cannot be automatically updated:
Each Mirrors are the same

Patch Date Mirror
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror1
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror2
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror3
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror4
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror5
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror6
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror7
Version 0165 2024.04.17 Mirror8

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5, please check this news:

Patch for: Contact event was not occured, please check this news: