[News]  Version 9.16 released, new monster with new Armor
 This patch is only for version 9.13 full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 9.16 Dec 3, 2014 Mirror1
Version 9.16 Dec 3, 2014 Mirror2
Version 9.16 Dec 3, 2014 Mirror3
Version 9.16 Dec 3, 2014 Mirror4
Version 9.16 Dec 3, 2014 Mirror5

Change these items into the Market Place NPC:
Pet Skin Card (6H) Giant Hawk/Pet Skin Card (6H) Geomencer
Pet Skin Card (6H) Reflector/Pet Skin Card (6H) Lion
Pet Skin Card (6H) X018/Pet Skin Card (6H) Fire XBOSS
Pet Skin Card (6H) Black XBOSS/Pet Skin Card (6H) Die-1
Pet Skin Card (6H) Die-13/Pet Skin Card (6H) Evil
Pet Skin Card (6H) Fallen Seraph/Pet Skin Card (6H) Blazing Angels Mia
Pet Skin Card (6H) Sum Style C/Pet Skin Card (6H) Guarddog

And find the GunDam you can find these items:
Royal Swordsman Hair Model (M) (7D) Box/Coast Tattoo Costum [7D]Box
Bleach Mask A(7D) Model/Bleach Mask B(7D) Mode
Kurosaki Ichigo model box(M)(7D)/King of Green Snake model box(7D)
King of White Snake model box(7D)/Naruto model box(7D)
Violence tattoos cloth (M) model set (7D)/Violence tattoos cloth (F) model set (7D)
Motor white bird model (7D)box/Motor black bird model (7D)box
Bleach captain (7D)(M)Box/ONE PIECE nicorob model(7D)(F)Box
ONE PIECE sanji model(7D)(M)Box/ONE PIECE luffy model(7D)(M)Box
ONE PIECE ronoa model(7D)(M)Box/Lastikman model(7D)(M)Box
Naruto timari model(7D)(F)Box/Naruto gaara model(7D)(M)Box
Naruto choji model(7D)(M)Box/Naruto narutox model(7D)(M)Box
Naruto yondaime model(7D)(M)Box/Naruto Mask Set 6 in 1 model Box A(M)(7D)
Naruto Mask Set 6 in 1 model Box B(M)(7D)/Beast Bone Model Box
Black Dragon headdress model (7D)/Red Rose (7D)
Superman (7D) Model Box/Spiderman (7D) Model Box
Captain America model(M)(7D) Box/Beautiful Glove D (7D)
Beautiful Glove F (7D)/Athena Toy [7D]/Blossom Toy [7D]
Robot B Toy [7D]/Robot C Toy [7D]/Robot D Toy [7D]/Pumpkin A Toy [7D]

You can take bus line 2 to the new map “Persian Palaces“, the monster will drop these items:
some new Pet Skin Card/Dark Wizard series Armor/Desert Death Type A-F
  series Armor

Precious Genesis Wing (color) name change to-> Precious Fog Wing (color)
Precious Griffin Waving Wing color name change to-> Super Eagle Wing (color)
Genesis Wing's Feather (color)
name change to-> Fog Wing's Feather (color)

New Dragon Skeleton Wing and BENO Wing in the Mall:
New Pet Skin card Gundam in the Mall:
New ★Super Almighty Ring (Limited Edition):