[News]  New Mob, new weapon, new No Delay Skills

This patch is only for version 0128-0137 full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror1
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror2
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror3
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror4
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror5
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror6
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror7
Version 0138 2022.06.15 Mirror8

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5  please check this news:

(1)Fixed Assassin Class Scythe skill issue(Magic to Melee),
          increased damage when you updated the Scythe.

(2)All class added new no delay skill.

(3)Added new mob: Zombie Emperor in [Zombie Market] drop new items:
          White Phantom Wing[1D], Black Phantom Wing[1D], All class of no delay skill books.

(4)Item Mall added: Aura Kingdom model Box [M] [7D], 
         ★GT Dag[Dark] series weapon (not include Magican and Drama class,
          and only available on item exchange page, will released to Item Mall in next update),
         All Class Scroll of No Delay [54 in one Box]
          ★FishShop series weapon 

(5)Once top up more than 20k will get additional gift:
          Donated 20K Epoints Sign (2D) EXP*12 [Can Be Mixed on Hat].
          Once top up more than 30k will get additional gift:
          Donated 30K Epoints Sign (3D) EXP*14[Can Be Mixed on Hat].
          Once top up more than 50k will get additional gift:
          Donated 50K Epoints Sign (5D) EXP*16 [Can Be Mixed on Hat].
(6)Fixed the Double Guns effect when the character is standing :
          Golden SC/Blue Dragon/GT BLUE/GT [Dark]/GT Orange/Redset/RoyalGold/Scorpion/Spray.