[News]  New Character Creation

New Character Creation

1. Select the [New Character] button from the [Character Card] located at the bottom-left of the Characters Settings screen, you will enter the New Character Creation screen.

*The sole account allows player to create 2 characters. You can purchase Character Card from Super Store, please note that maximum 4 characters can be created under 1 account.

2. Select the college that you want. Descriptions will show when you click on the badges. Select [Next] once you've chosen your college on the bottom right. .

3. Select the gender of your wish here for your character. Select [Next] once you've chosen your gender on the bottom right.

4. Select the class that you wish for your character to be. Descriptions of each class will show when you select them. Select [Next] once you've chosen your class on the bottom right.


Choose your type of hair, your type of face and put in a name for your character here. Select [Next] once you're done on the bottom right.

**Please note that the character’s name is unique therefore even if it has been deleted from server it will not be available again.


Select the desired character, and then click on [Start] button at the bottom-right corner to enter the game.