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Game Manual


Press & Hold the "Caps Lock" key or the Mouse’s Wheel and move the mouse will allow user in different angles.

Rolling the Mouse’s Wheel, will allows player to zoom in & out of their view.

Weapons & Guarding Tools Equips

Firstly open the Inventory tools Window Short-cut "I" key, check the “basic info” for weapons and guarding tools that desired to you wish to be equipped with. If the status shows it is [Usable], it means the specific weapons and guarding tool can be used by the character. If the status shows that it is "Not Usable," then the usage status will highlight the insufficient attributes that keep you from meeting the assigned requirements in red. Please ensure that the character fulfills the requirements before attempting to re-equip.

Puts On :
Move the mouse pointer on the weapons or guarding tools you desire to use on the Tools Bar,then left-click on it, and on top of the Inventory Bar you will see the available slot (highlight in bright white).
Click and drag the weapons or guarding tools to the available slot in the Inventory, and left click to equip.

Takes Off :
Move the mouse pointer on the weapons or guarding tools you want to take off on the Inventory Bar, Right click and drag the weapons or guarding tools back to the Tools bar.

Attacks/Picking Items

To pick up items from the floor, players just have to move the mouse pointer nearby the items and click on it or use the short-cut key "Space" to automatically do the pick up.

Skills Settings

Each character has 3 specific skills and 1 common skill. And it is divided to Initiative Skill and Passive skill :
1. Sword Section : Pierce, Chop, QiGong, and Common.
2. Archery Section : Arrow Shooting, Strong Bow, QiGong, and Common.
3. QiGong Section : Gun, Spells Technique, Auxiliary incantation technique, and Common
4. Combat Section : Fist, Leg, QiGong, and Common

Settings and Usage:

First, press key, [K] to open the [Skills Bar] and drag the Skill’s icon into the 1~0 box on the left (Passive Skills can’t be dragged),Use the 1~0 pressed key on the keyboard to change. After changing to the desired skill, just move the mouse pointer and aim at the object and right-click.

Short-Cut Keys Settings

There are 6 Tools’ short-cut keys, Q,W,E,A,S and D. (In the Red Bar area) Application Method: Drag all the [Consumable Items] that you want to use to Q, W, E, A, S, D’s slot respectively on top of screen,then use the specific key to use the item.