[News]  New version 【Extreme Wrath】released, Click me

This patch is only for version 9.28 full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 9.62 Jan 14, 2016 Mirror1
Version 9.62 Jan 14, 2016 Mirror2
Version 9.62 Jan 14, 2016 Mirror3

Add new game protection,don't use bot\speed hack,else you will get shutdown,
if you have not use any bot but still get shutdonw,
please try to disable your firewall or Antivirus software then reinstall.

Add new map "Crazy square" drop new items:
Extreme Wrath series weapon\ new transform skill book \ King of Sheep suit.
When Extreme taken Wrath series weapon, the char will change to new actions.

New skill:
Extreme Scroll of Wrath Lightspeed - must taken Wrath series weapon

Extreme Scroll of Running Machine
Extreme Scroll of You Dance For Me
Gunner Scroll of I change to Dog
Gunner Scroll of You change to Dog
Assassin Scroll of I change to Machine
Assassin Scroll of U change to Machine
Magician Scroll of Let me come down
Magician Scroll of Let you come down

Add Item Preview function,
hold Keyboard Alt + mouse left click you can Preview items in every window before you buy the items.

Add Item Link function, open the Inventory,
move the cursor on the item,then hold Keyboard CTRL + mouse right click,
then release CTRL you can put the item information into the chat
Other players click the words will see the detaile information about this item.
It works on all channel of chat.

New items and airship sale in the market place(Mr.sheep 33/39).

You can click the skill effect icon (Upper left corner) to remove the skill effect.

Take off the equipment just use right click.

Colored Names on item drops with white\bule\orange\green\pink for different level.

Edit all class can use the Magician suit.

Strengthen and weaken some skills.

Add quick stats function in the game,use this format of command:
/pow number
/dex number
/int number
/vit number
/sta number
For example: /pow 50

The new command to check the char belong which club,if show "VOID" means no club : /whoisthat charname

Upgrade the new students welcome suit and gift box.

Disable BUG Talismans and Arrow. It can not be upgrade.
If you use website function “Item Upgrade” update the Talismans or Arrow before, We have already returned all Epoints to your account, but if you bought the BUG Talismans and Arrow from the game, we can not return Epoints anymore. I appreciate your understanding.

New in MALL:

5% Speed + Copper Genesis Hood
5% Speed + Silver Genesis Hood
5% Speed + Golden Genesis Hood
After taken the new item "Hood",the Extreme Class will show the speical effect when they use the skill.

Hyaline for Weapon [3D] Model

★Wrath Type I [Spirit] [Freeze]
★Wrath Type J [Spirit] [Freeze]
★Wrath Type O [Spirit] [Freeze]

★Wrath Type I [Shoot] [Freeze]
★Wrath Type J [Shoot] [Freeze]
★Wrath Type O [Shoot] [Freeze]

★Wrath Type I [Direct] [Freeze]
★Wrath Type J [Direct] [Freeze]
★Wrath Type O [Direct] [Freeze]

CP Full Fate Box[10PC]
This box just effect under level 350 players. If you are level 350, please don't use it.
How to use:
Just drop off the Fate box then taken, the CP bar will full and next hit will start to critical time.
critical time is depend on the char level and CP bar value, level more high then the CP bar value more large,
For example:
The CP bar value is 2500,just divided by 200 you can got the duration time 12.5 second.
The damage value is increased to 1.2 times when the word critical appears.

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