[News]  New policy for ask information about account

(1)For the safety reasons,Please provide your user ID (game account) first, our service need begin at a correct user ID. We can not search any user ID via Email or char name.

(2)Then you must send us your Government recognized Adult identity card via picture. hand it and let our conversation become the background(put the card on your PC monitor's screen then take a photo).then send that photo to PC first,Livechat window have a small folder icon on the top, click it and send the photo to us.

(3)After that, you need try list all possible about your Email and 2nd password both, if you can not try to list, I will close our dialog immediately.

(4)If you prove the correct Email, we will clue the first letter about your 2nd password, but even you prove the correct 2nd password, we still can not clue any information about your Email.

(5)please read this guide very carefully then go next, If you are not follow this guide, we will close our dialog immediately.

(6)BTW, all these service just provide for donations account or accounts Epoints more than 5000. If your account is the Junior account or newbie, please go to our website to Register new one. we can not help lost information account or trade account. Thank you for your cooperation.

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