[News]  New server is online: Powered by BBR Team: PureRan.com
New server is online: Powered by BBR Team:

Try download our game client,
you have never experienced how fast it is,
it doesn’t even take you 1 minute.
And try install it, You just need an extra 1 minute.
When you login the map, You will be surprised,
Try it feels to enter the map in 2 seconds.
We removed all unnecessary stuff to make the game pure.
Even you use the oldest computer Made in 2009 like Pentium III with 1G Ram,
I guarantee it will be without any problems.
Compared to other games: CPU usage just half, Memory 1/4 (even you just have 1G).
You can play it anytime anywhere now.

When you create a character, yes! we only have one class,
and you don't need to worry about anything,
because this character has learned the skills of all class already.
So you can research how to use new combo skills.
This is a perfect server for pure players who love PK.

In our server we just have one suit and one weapon named: Best Weapon Bone.
And the Burr: Upgrade Weapon Stone will help you to make weapon +111.
First three accounts who upgrade weapon to +111 will get 50,000 Epoints reward.
When you upgrade the weapon in game,
it will not dispear! just success(+1) or failure(+0).
How to get Upgrade Weapon Stone?
It's come from game item mix system,
Snow Teardrops+Red/Yellow/Blue Gemstone mixed with 90% success rate.
These materials are come from game map:
Death 7F/8F,only drop mix items,no other items, no EXP.
BTW, the Death 1F/2F only drop Gold,no other items, no EXP.
the Death 3F/4F only for get EXP,no other items, no Gold.
the Death 5F/6F only drop Epoints,no other items, no Gold, no EXP.
You can get 1800 pieces Epoint Tickets per day we counted.

If there have too much players in these map,
You can go Instance Map to get level up.
The Instance ticket and Event ticket come from item mix too.

First 500 accounts can get free VIP package in the Itembank.
Please don't waste these premium items, they cost more than 15000 php.
No need to spend time for find best weapons or arrmors, because you already have.
If your account is not logged in for a long time,
we will take back these precious gifts.

As a newbie, You don't need to waste time looking for NPC or MAP.
There just one NPC in the Market and he has all the functions.
Simple pet skills without any bugs, No bikes to avoid bugs.
Remove all useless maps\fuctions\mobs\items\effects then you will never get LAG.

Each Mirrors are the same, Have not an Account? Click me to Register!

This is full installtion for new player:

Full Date Mirror
Version 0139 2023.10.28 Mirror1
Version 0139 2023.10.28 Mirror2