[News]  New rules for change 2nd password and Email
1,You must pay 20000 Epoints for modify information.

2,Provide your game account,server number first.

3,Account must have deposits more than 3 times in last 30 days,and 5 times in last 60 days.

4,Deposits total amount must higher than 30000 Epoints in last 30 days.

5,Provide last 3 times deposits information:
Date,BDO Branch,Code(or ref number),Amount.

6,Provide original 2nd password,original email,new 2nd password and new email.

7,Send us your ID card's(Government recognized) picture.
(you need hand it and let our's website become the background)

8,After that,we will help u change the 2nd password and Email.