[News]  How to use BDO cash Acceptance Machines

How to use BDO cash Acceptance Machines
(It's a ATM Machine without teller in BDO bank hall)

Here is the BDO cash Acceptance Machines list,you can find one machine nearest:


1. Push ""Press for cardless transaction"" botton.

2. Push ""Cash deposit"" botton.

3. Please select DESTINATION ACCOUNT type: Push ""Peso Savings"" botton.

4. Please enter the Account Number or BDO Cash Card Number:
   Input 3000361116 then push ""Confirm"" botton.
   If Machines needs 12 digit number, please use 003000361116.

5. Please put your cash in the designated bin below for processing.

6. Please wait while your transaction is being processed.

7. You have inserted the following notes:

1,000 * 00X
500 * 00X
200 * 00X
100 * 00X
 XXXX.00 Total
Check the ""Total"" then push ""Confirm"" botton.

8. Summary of Deposit transaction. 
Double confirm the ""Account Number/BDO Cash Card Number"" is 3000361116 (or: 003000361116.)and Amount,

then push ""Confirm"" botton.

9. Please wait while your transaction is being processed.

10.Thank you,Transaction completed,Please take your receipt.


[Online banking with your bank account] and [ATM inter-branch fund transfer with your bank card] are easy & fast.

If you chose [Cash deposit through BDO teller in bank] it's also good,
But in BDO branches you must say you want to DEPOSIT (not donations),
About DEPOSIT reason is: u want to buy the virtual item in online game.

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