[News]  New unblock rules for who illegally acquired epoints

The final unblock date is April 20, 2017
After April 20, all account (who illegally acquired epoints) can not unblock anymore.

We are so sorry to hear that if your game account got ban
because the website function "Point ABC Exchange to Epoints",
I think you are good player and thank you for your support for the past time,
But technical department double checked the log and confirmed your account used that bug.
It's unfair to other players and make the game chaos.
You can login the website to know the ban reason and how many epoints you illegally acquired,
We don't accept any explan like my pilot/friend/family/hacker made it,
We can not rollback the Epoints to Point ABC because you used epoints on everywhere,
the data can not be fixed anymore.

There just have 2 unban way:

First way:
Donation how many epoints you illegally acquired plus 5000 epoints for charge.
You can not use the banned account's remaining epoints.

Second way:
We will create a new account for you and transfer all donations epoints multiply by 0.7 into it.
EX:If you donationed 10000 epoints total in old account,new account will have 7000 epoints remaining.
Other Epoints can not transfer which like you got from Exravagant Promotion\
character online time\bingo game\Publicity...
If your account never make a donatione before,it can not unban.
The new account have not any character/items/gold.
The new account have same 2nd password and email information as old account.
The old account must ban forever,no one can open it again.
Please provid your account \ 2nd password \ email to prove you are the owner.
Donation new 5000 epoints for charge needed,its not calculating in total donations epoints.
After all, livechat will tell you the new account name.

Please tell us what is your choose and plz dont waste both time because we have not 3rd chose.
If you keep verbal harassment or begging or threaten Livechat,
your part of IP address and game account will get banned forever direct,
We hope you can understand.